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Kei is a Japanese girl that decided long ago that hot oil massage was a way to become more aware of her body. The Japanese massage technique is focused on awareness and being present in the moment. Can you imagine walking into a Japanese spa, selecting your favorite masseuse, and then indulging in a relaxing massage for as long as you please? You don't have to make it erotic, but you know it will always be pleasant. Here the masseuse uses hot oil along the full body to body of the happy client -- watch to the ending and learn! Sometimes I am asked by girls if they must be nude or naked for hot oil massage -- I tell 'em do you wanna get oil on your clothes? Still many choose to wear thong underwear and I know a lesbi lesbian that always wears a beach bikini, but I say no bra (braless) so the masseur can work the back. If you would like to cover your breasts / boobs, you can always use a towel or sheet. Enjoy the sensual masaje pijat.

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Japan Massage
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