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Episode 020 - Today we discuss a problem that affects many of our clients -- lower back pain. There is a musculoskeletal structure here that is very susceptible to pain and knots but is also very easily treated. We will discuss some of the trigger points used to treat this area.

Please review our FAQ:
Q: What is hot oil massage?
A: Hot oil massage is a therapy by which a massage therapist will manipulate the body with hand expression using hot oils.
Q: Is Japanese massage superior to other styles of hot oil massage?
A: At Advanced Massage Therapy LLC, we believe that our patients have very specific, individual needs and we try to accommodate those needs with a suitable therapy. However, on this channel, we do promote Japanese massage techniques, sometime referred to as pijat jepang, or masaje japones.
Q: Should a client be nude or naked for massage?
A: Just be comfortable, there is no right way to get a massage.

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